It sometimes happens that you want to watch a sports match with your friends right after work. Or you just arrive home and realise that the fridge for some reason lacks your favourite wind-down beverage. You will end up feeling annoyed by the idea of going to the store and dragging the beer back home. But not anymore. We are here to help.
Instead, just visit our website. Browse through our broad and cheap offers. Pick your desired brand and have it delivered to your front door. If the convenience of the process itself didn’t persuade you, read on. We will give you three reasons to ditch the local store and get your beer at ours.

The Prices

You may believe that lessening your effort will cost you more. But that’s definitely not the case here. We offer wholesale prices. So, shopping with us, you will get the most desirable costs for any product you choose.
There will even be some special offers for the newly subscribed. But let’s not give everything away right now. Make an account and start browsing.

The Options

Beer is one of the most beloved beverages out there. That means that many people will give different answers when asked about their favourite. Don’t worry, we are here to accommodate all of them.
You can get various kinds of canned and bottled beers. Our offer consists of both domestic and imported types. So whether you like Heineken, Stella, or Tiger best – we are here to bring them to you.
Lager, stout, even soft, sweet drinks such as Somersby – we have them.
You get them in packs – perfect for throwing a party, but also perfect for not worrying about shopping for the next couple weeks. Just make sure to cool them properly if you’re stocking.
There is another bonus for those who are celebrating. You will want your drinks fresh and ready to go at any time. That is why we also offer ice pack delivery service. They cool quicker than fridges and space will not be a problem. You will be the perfect host.

The Delivery

Let’s say the party has already started and you suddenly run out of drinks. Again, we are here to help. Our delivery is swift and reliable. Using it means getting your beer delivery in Singapore in just one hour, anywhere on the island.
Also, for night owls out there, our beer online delivery is open 24/7. If you’re planning for something late at night, you don’t have to wait until the morning to make the purchase. Just order it at night, and get it in the morning. The delivery is active from 11 am to 9 pm every day. You will hardly find a better service than this.
Yes, we did just make your life that much easier. So, visit the website today and start enjoying the offers. Our business is focused on making you relaxed, carefree, and making every party you throw a small bother and a huge success.

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