Calling all wine-o-philes, beer aficionados, and liquor lovers in Singapore! Would you like a glass of wine with that home-cooked meal or a beer with that pizza you just ordered for delivery? How about a nice mixed drink to relax after work? You are in luck because we offer the beauty and convenience of on-demand food delivery for alcohol.

To some people, ordering alcohol online for alcohol delivery in Singapore may seem like an unnecessary service or an excuse for people to be lazy. But aside from simple convenience (and there is nothing wrong with wanting a little convenience in your life), the real benefit of online alcohol ordering and delivery becomes apparent after 10:30 pm.

This is because the Singapore government instituted a law in 2015 prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places between 10:30 pm and 7 am every night. While the government no doubt took this action with the best intentions of protecting the health of its citizens and visitors, an unfortunate side effect of the law has been to put a real damper on people’s nighttime fun.

They even prohibited the sale of food items with alcohol in them at first, so people were denied their late-night cravings of rum raisin or tiramisu-flavored ice cream due to the products’ minor alcohol content. Luckily, the Ministry of Home Affairs revised this law in January of this year to exempt such delicious and innocuous food items from the late-night ban.

AM Trading and Agencies: Satisfying Your Alcohol Craving

Back to the point. If you find yourself in need of an alcoholic beverage after 10:30 pm at night, you have two options; head out to a noisy, expensive bar or order on our liquor online delivery. The online option is particularly appealing if you are in the middle of a dinner event or a party and have run out of refreshments. No one wants to be the host who under-calculated his beverage needs for the night. This is where we come in.

Types of Alcohol

Here at AM Trading & Agencies, we offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment. If you’re a fan of whiskey, you can choose from Japanese, malt, or Scotch varieties, as well as many varieties of Cognac, brandy, vodka, gin, and Champagne.

We currently offer 10 different types of beer. Perhaps you are a fan of Korean products? On our site, you can find Bohae Black Raspberry wine, Fresh Korean Soju, Iichiko Special, and WalMae Makogeoli. We stock several varieties of both Madinet and Blue Nun wines, as well as various other delicious liquors that can be found under the listing “Other”, including flavored alcohols. We offer bargain prices and deliver to your door anywhere on the island within the hour.

Final Words

In other words, we make those spur-of-the-moment gatherings and emergency festivities possible. It’s not a problem if you didn’t realize that your afternoon gathering would bleed into the evening or if you’re simply too exhausted from work to leave the house again just to buy some booze. With us, the booze comes to you, no matter where you live or what time of day it is.