We know that everybody loves useful hacks about doing something and so booze lovers certainly would appreciate our alcohol hacks as well. So we at best alcohol delivery services at Singapore share with you 4 most useful booze hacks for those moments when you really wished you knew a way around those delicate situations.


How to Cool a Warm Beer in 2 Minutes

You might be thinking that is it even possible to cool something in just 2 minutes? Well there is a simple trick to do that which is using water, lot of ice cubes and table salt. Take a big bowl, pour water, add ice cubes and salt to the bowl. Now stir the ice cubes and salt for a couple of times. Add your beer bottle/can to the bowl. Stir the water again after 1-1.5 minutes. Wait for approx 2-3 minutes. Now when you check the bottle, it would be far from warm! This happens as the salt further freezes the ice cubes and that makes it give off energy and makes it to become cold.


How to Open Your Beer without a Bottle Opener

You can’t enjoy your beer without opening it especially if it doesn’t have an easy flip cap. That is why we had to include this very hack here. There are a lot of ways to open your beer bottle either using a keychain, a spoon, with another bottle, your hands, with a lighter etc. The trick is to hold the bottle’s neck (properly & firmly) and then use any other tool/material to push under the bottle’s cap. This kind of trick is best to practice before such a scenario pops up in real life so that you are better off performing such a trick with success.


How to Best Store Your Beer at Home

It’s totally okay to worry about your beer and its health! We are also super careful with how we keep and maintain our huge stock of premium wines/spirits/beers. For starters, it is best to keep your beer at constant cool temperatures between 10°C-12.8°C and away from heat/sun. Try to place your beer bottles up and straight in the fridge. Lighter beers require colder temperature than strong beer with higher ABV (Alcohol by Volume) content. For aging beer for longer times, read the brand instructions (details) and ensure that the ethanol or alcohol content is higher above 7%.


How to Drink Beer with No Trouble of Hangovers

Everyone is different and everyone responds to their drinks differently. Yet there are certain concepts that work well with most jingled (mildly drunk) or pot-valiant (boldly drunk or any other state after drinking. For one, eat just right (not less not more) like carbohydrates, protein or fats.

They slow the absorption of alcohol in the blood and helps in reducing the cases of headaches/dizziness. Drink slowly so that you don’t drink too much and give your body time to break down the alcohol. Dance and enjoy while drinking so that you have your mind on other things too apart from just drinking. This way you would have more fun and would avoid over drinking.

Don’t mix hard drinks with beer and try to stick with one category of drinks if you are new to hard drinks. As per findings, vodka has less chances of a hangover than whisky due to byproducts of ethanol. Lastly drink a glass of water once you are done with your rounds of drinks and keep a glass by your bed side for hydration. If you do have slight hangovers, try some multivitamins, pomegranate juice, or moderate dark chocolate or lemon/black tea drink. We hope that our hacks help you enjoy your drinks more and feel free to call us or order online for all your liquor needs by calling our beer & liquor wholesale online delivery shop in Singapore.