Welcome to a place that is known for volcanoes and ice sheets and fields of pumice and transcending cascades of spring water. Rough and wonderful. The reyka refinery – iceland’s first refinery – is situated in borgarnes iceland. For those new to icelandic that is articulated bor-gan-ess. 40% abv found 74km outside of reykjavik this waterfront town is eliminated from mechanical life and encompassed by awesome regular assets. To help illustrate how immaculate the assets are here the co2 levels in borgarnes are really falling. The air is actually that clean. With plentiful fresh cold waters and bountiful pumice available to us we can’t resist the urge to need to give the world a little taste of what we experience each day in iceland. That is the reason we made reyka. It’s not simply made in iceland. It’s made of the things that make this island dissimilar to some other spot on the planet from our amazing scenes to our inventive soul.


Country of origin : ICELAND